Corona Virus Update


Last updated on March 25th 2020

Dear Campers and Visitors,

In this time of upheaval and isolation we know there is nothing more valuable and restorative than access to nature. Sadly, following government guidelines our only course of action is to delay opening the campsite and this season’s safaris. Along with other campsites and tourism ventures we must obey instructions from government to avoid all unessential gatherings in order to protect NHS resources by slowing the spread of Covid-19.

Though we know this is the best and only course of action remaining closed is a great sadness to us and will be a heavy blow to the business, as it is for businesses across the country. We will be doing our utmost to try and keep the positions of our permanent staff secure, and support our self-employed safari guides and campsite staff - many of whom you will already have met if you have previously visited us at Knepp – in any way we can. It is our fervent hope that we will be able to open before the season is out and provide you with wonderful experiences and wildlife encounters again, and a chance to restore your batteries after this gruelling time.

In order to keep up with changing circumstances we will take a month at a time and contact you in the weeks before your scheduled visit if we need to cancel. The sheer volume of admin this entails is jaw-dropping so we would be grateful if you did not contact us but instead wait for us to email you. Your patience and understanding while we try to manage this task is hugely appreciated.

Much of our conservation work at Knepp depends on revenues from the campsite and safaris. If you love what we do, any support you can give us now will help us keep the show on the road. so if your booking is cancelled we would be grateful if you would consider the three options below.

Bookings in April

We are cancelling all stays and safaris in April. Please be patient with us as we attempt to contact our guests. There is no need to contact us first, we will contact you to discuss the following options:

1. Consider putting your refund towards the rewilding project.

This way we can redeploy the guides from cancelled safaris in vital on-going survey work within the rewilding project and continue our beaver and white stork reintroduction programmes. The price of a Half-day Safari (£50), for example, covers food for 20 storks for a week. A stay in a tree house for a weekend would pay for a third of the cost of a beaver - we hope to be introducing two pairs to the rewilding project by the end of the year. A weekend stay in a shepherd’s hut pays for 50m of beaver-proof fence. A place on a Rewilding Workshop would pay for a day of habitat mapping in the beaver release area. And the equivalent of a Nightingale Safari would pay for one of our ecologist safari guides to carry out a nightingale survey instead.

2. Consider taking your refund as a gift voucher.

This way softening the financial blow for us and ensuring that we have a chance to provide you with a stay or safari at Knepp when all this is over. Or use the voucher to buy some Knepp Wild Range meat from our newly launched website and have it delivered to your door.

3. Consider a combination of the above, or a partial or full refund.

Bookings in May

We understand these are uncertain times. If you feel the need to cancel your booking in May, please consider the options above. We will also be happy to offer you a voucher with a two-year expiry date. Please contact to discuss.

Bookings from June to October

Bookings for this period are currently subject to our usual Terms and Conditions. Please keep an eye on the website for updates.

Public Footpaths

We must also ask visitors who are coming to use the public footpaths to strictly adhere to social distancing rules. We must stay at least 2m apart and avoid gatherings of people that are not from the same household. Please give each other a wide berth on the public footpaths.

Thank you for your understanding and patience in these difficult times.

With all best wishes

The Knepp Team