Purple Emperor Car Parking

We are the biggest breeding hotspot in the UK for this stunning butterfly and welcome all Purple Emperor enthusiasts during the display season (usually the first two weeks of July). To make your visit as easy as possible and to avoid blocking up the local lanes we provide a dedicated Purple Emperor season car park at our New Barn Farm safari site.

This will be open during Purple Emperor season only. The season can be variable depending on weather conditions etc., so do check the season’s progress on local butterfly forums before you come to avoid disappointment.

The price is £10 per car. Please pay at the Go-Down, where you can also help yourself to a complimentary cup of tea or coffee and receive a map showing our Purple Emperor route with the latest display areas.

Please stay on public footpaths at all times and observe the Countryside Code.

Please note the ground can be uneven, so we recommend sturdy walking boots with ankle support.

Amongst the highlights of our Purple Emperor route are our signature viewing platforms, beautifully and sturdily constructed in tall Sussex oaks.

A limited edition of Purple Emperor badges and a range of Knepp produce is available to buy at the Go-Down.