A half-day vehicle safari encountering Knepp’s extraordinary wildlife


The thrill of the dawn chorus and wild animals undisturbed


Evening encounters with bats, birds and peaceful herds of free-roaming animals


Hear the beautiful song of one of our rarest birds

Moth & Bat

Discover some of the UK’s rarest and most endearing mammals

Purple Emperors

A unique chance to see one of the UK’s largest and most dynamic butterflies


The amazing life of bees with leading bee expert Dave Goulson

Deer Rut

The clash of titans – watch red deer stags and fallow bucks battling for supremacy

Deer Rut Photographic

Capture dramatic shots of stags and bucks, roaring and battling for supremacy.

Reading Trees

The wonderful world of our ancient trees led by the great Ted Green


Join us for a walk on the wild side