Stay year-round at our new Bothy

Autumn is a wonderful time to explore the rewilding project, with berry-laden scrub and golden oak crowns providing a colourful backdrop to the battlegrounds of red deer stags and fallow bucks. The red deer are the first to enter the rut in early October as mature stags defend their harem from younger contenders with roars and posturing and battles for supremacy. From around mid-October until the end of October the fallow bucks stage their rut, the woods resonating with the sound of grunting and clashing antlers.

You’ll head out with one of our expert guides to search for red stags and their harems, Tamworth pigs gorging on acorns and seasonal wildlife such as winter thrushes arriving to spend the colder months at Knepp. You’ll be taken to our deer hide, at the edge of a fallow ‘lek’ or display ground, where we’ll serve you venison charcuterie and a tot of Knepp’s homemade sloe gin as darkness falls and tawny owls begin their territorial hooting.

Walking will be for 2½-3 hours with frequent stops to look at wildlife. You’ll need a moderate level of fitness and be able to cope with walking on uneven ground in dark, sometimes wet conditions. You’ll also need to ascend a ramp into the deer hide.

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Unfortunately we cannot offer a refund or alternative date for your safari booking. We also cannot guarantee the great British weather, or that you will see your target species. Nature is unpredictable! However we’re confident you’ll enjoy your experience with us, come rain or shine, and there’s always plenty of wildlife to see. Our safaris are suitable only for children of 12 and over.