Stay year-round at our new Bothy

One of the highlights of our year. Enjoy a delicious, late evening dinner and a glass or two of organic wine in our lovely Granary as you learn about nightingales from your expert guides.

Now nationally rare, due to the disappearance of habitat in the UK, these exquisite birds have made an extraordinary comeback at Knepp thanks to our dense, thorny scrub where they like to build their nests. Ecologists estimate we now have one of the largest concentrations of nightingales in Britain.

Nightingale season begins in mid-April when the birds arrive in England after their arduous migration from Africa.

Though nightingales do sing during the day, the magic is to hear them at night, when other birds are quiet. So, we head out from the Granary after dinner at around 10.30pm on foot, making frequent stops in different territories to hear their liquid song pouring through the night sky. We have to say that we cannot guarantee this, as a lot depends on the weather and the population of nightingales in any particular season. But chances are, you will hear what is now one of our rarest, but still most beautiful, sounds in nature.

You’ll need to be able to cope with walking on uneven ground in dark conditions.

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Unfortunately we cannot offer a refund or alternative date for your safari booking. We also cannot guarantee the great British weather, or that you will see your target species. Nature is unpredictable! However we’re confident you’ll enjoy your experience with us, come rain or shine, and there’s always plenty of wildlife to see. Our safaris are suitable only for children of 12 and over.