This workshop is specifically for landowners, estate managers and farmers who manage a couple of hundred of acres or more and are interested in exploring rewilding. Rewilding at this level is about dynamic natural processes. It requires scale as it involves free-roaming animals living in the landscape all year round with no supplementary feeding. Managers of smaller areas may be interested in attending our Rewilding Smaller Scale Workshop. Smaller farmers may also like the idea of ‘farm clusters’ whereby neighbouring land managers club together to enable landscape-scale restoration. We had several farm clusters visit us in 2019. NGOs and Wildlife Trusts may prefer to organise a Bespoke visit.

The day will begin with a 45-minute presentation on Knepp Wildland by the owner, Charlie Burrell, detailing the underlying principles of rewilding, how the project at Knepp works and how it is financially viable.

This will be followed by a 2-hour walking safari, encountering Knepp’s herds of longhorn cattle, Exmoor ponies, Tamworth pigs, and red and fallow deer, discussing how they are managed and how they create habitats and biodiversity in the landscape. Stopping at places of interest, you will learn about the dynamics of self-generating wood pasture and the theories of Dutch ecologist Frans Vera whose ground-breaking work on free-roaming herbivores underpins the Knepp project.

After a ploughman’s lunch back at the Granary, the afternoon session includes a detailed financial presentation given by the estate’s land agent Jason Emrich. The aim of this is to compare the Knepp Estate’s landholding with other farming businesses, and to discuss our Wild Range meat business, Environmental Stewardship, ELMS and the concepts of natural capital and eco-system services, and what the future might hold for UK subsidies. The Q&A includes a senior Natural England officer, generally Kristoffer Hewitt, who will help answer specific queries relating to Agri-Environmental policy & to help explore in further detail the part rewilding might play in the management of your land.

This is a walking safari, at a gentle pace, with frequent stops for discussion and wildlife watching. You’ll need a moderate level of fitness and be able to cope with walking on uneven ground.

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Unfortunately we cannot offer a refund or alternative date for your safari booking. We also cannot guarantee the great British weather, or that you will see your target species. Nature is unpredictable! However we’re confident you’ll enjoy your experience with us, come rain or shine, and there’s always plenty of wildlife to see. Our safaris are suitable only for children of 12 and over.